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Services at the Foot Health Place


  • Foot Health Treatment: Nails will be trimmed and hard skin will be removed. Other presenting problems (such as corns, thickened nails, fungal infections etc) will be treated as appropriate. The treatment will be completed by massaging moisturiser into your feet and a continued treatment plan will be discussed. 
  • Deluxe Foot Health Treatment: This includes all of the above plus a pampering pedicure. This will consist of removing cuticles1, foot spa, full foot and lower leg massage and nail painting2

              1Cuticles will not be removed for diabetic clients
                     2Nail polish will not be applied to fungal nails to avoid cross contamination.              

  • Coming Soon: Gel Nail Extensions and Gel Polish (OPI, Gellux, Shellac)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book an appointment?
Yes, we work on an appointment system; appointments vary in length due to the treatment that each individual requires. Sometime same day appointments are available so please call to check if we have any availability. It is not advised to come to the clinic without an appointment as the Foot Health Professional may be treating clients at their home.

What happens during an appointment?
At your first consultation your Foot Health Professional will take details of your address and contact details including telephone numbers. They will also need to know your date of birth and the name of your GP. A medical history will be taken, please let your Foot Health Professional decide what is important and relevant. They will need to know all the medicines you are using (tablets, injections, sprays, suppositories etc). Remember the advice you are given can only be based on the information you provide and any treatment plan suggested may not be safe if you don’t give this information. A brief description of why you are seeking help is also recorded; this will usually be in your own words. Your Foot Health Professional will then commence an examination of your feet, which will include neurological and vascular assessments. A treatment plan will then be suggested and treatment will begin…

Do I wash my feet before I come?
No it is not a necessity, but cleaner feet are always nicer to work with! However nail polish should be removed to enable your Foot Health Professional to complete a thorough examination.

Will treatment be painful?
Depending on what treatment is being carried out you may feel a slight discomfort. Everybody is different and reacts differently; you will be advised of any discomfort in any treatments we carry out before they are done. We are very sympathetic and listen to our patients and treatment is only carried out once the patient is fully comfortable.

Payment Options.
Payment is required in full upon completion of your appointment. At present only cash payment is accepted. Unfortunately you are unable to claim on medical insurance for any treatment from a Foot Health Professional.

Despite having treatment my corn has returned. Why can’t you take the corn out so it won’t come back?
Corns are easy to take out – the reason they keep coming back is that the cause is still there and that cause is pressure (eg. ill-fitting footwear). If the pressure is not removed, they will come back.
Home remedies such as corn paint, cure or plasters are not advised. They will generally only treat the symptom of the corn and not the problem that causes it. The chemicals used in home remedies contain acid that are supposed to ‘eat away’ the corn. However the chemical cannot tell what is a Corn and what is normal, healthy skin – it will eat whatever you put it on. While this can be risky in healthy people, it can be very dangerous and risky in those with poor circulation and/or diabetes.
The use of “corn plasters” in those who are at risk or have frail skin are very likely to cause an ulcer (a breakdown of the skin) which could become infected and if the circulation is poor, an amputation is a possibility. Therefore DIY treatments are not advised.


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